• Discover Oceanfront Living !

How about your own place in the sun? Everyone dreams about having their own place in the sun, yet we can help you make that dream a reality!

  • Warm up to
    Carefree Living

What if you could pack your bags knowing that your house would be taken care of during your absence? There is such a place that offers you peace of mind whenever you need to leave the island. Our concierge service will even make sure your house is properly maintained and secured.

  • Enjoy Tropical Living

Did you ever dream about what it's like in the Tropics? Imagine if you could hear, feel and even smell the Tropics from your own bedroom? It’s possible, this place is called Indigo Green.

  • Feel the Breeze !

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel the gentle caresses of the Tradewinds – even when you're in the sun ? Wouldn't it be nice to live in place designed to optimize that pleasure ? There is such a place that offers you this – all year long.

  • Savor Oceanfront Dining
    Al Fresco !

Don't you love to enjoy a meal outside, with family and friends, or simply just the two of you? Isn't it so memorable when you can also gaze out at a fantastic ocean view? We know a place where you can have the best seats reserved for you all year round.

  • Work remotely
    @ Fiber optic speeds

Technology today allows many of us to work from anywhere we want.
Why not join them? An ever increasing number of people are spending more time working remotely in search for a better quality of life. Needless to say one needs reliable Internet speed. Only one oceanfront community in Sint Maarten offers you that Fiber-to-the-Modem quality! So what if your office had ocean views?

  • Be a Vacation Rental Landlord
    Instead on a Tenant

Wouldn't you rather receive rent, than pay it? With the increase of vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb, Home Away and Trip Advisor, renting your condo while you’re away has become very easy. We can get you the highest rental demand!

  • Play on the Caribbean's Easiest to Reach Beaches

Many beaches are beautiful, but who wants to stay on the same one every day? No other destination offers as many beaches, restaurants and activities as Sint Maarten, no wonder it has become so popular. And when it provides direct flights from all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Central America, it is no wonder that Sint Maarten became the most frequented airport per capita anywhere in the Caribbean. This has made its 37 wonderful beaches the easiest to reach!

  • Leverage Your Vacations

Stop spending money on hotels and vacations rentals ! And start letting your vacation home pay for itself ! Start planning for that time when you'll be spending more and more time relaxing in your own place in the sun! We can help make it happen.

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Don't you deserve a little warmth?

Don't you deserve a little warmth?

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Have you ever dreamed about having a vacation rental in the Caribbean? Or are you tired of the same old time sharing?

If you're a full time resident of Sint Maarten, are you just about done dealing with maintenance, repairs and headaches with that nice home you bought all those years ago?

Indigo Green is the newest oceanfront community with so many benefits that new owners will have the peace of mind while they are away. Some of the favorite advantages that Indigo Green buyers will have is the simplified maintenance approach and the simple fact that it's a new home. For others, it may be the assurance of being able to sleep with their windows open, or perhaps working by their own pool, or earning income by renting out their vacation homes.

Sint Maarten, and in particular Indigo Bay, presents that proper community in which our team has put its decades of experience together to deliver on this vision. Indigo Green is the leading example of a community of well-built oceanfront homes that will benefit from the latest technologies, construction methods and state-of-the-art products to deliver comfortable, safe and cool homes.

  • Discover Sint Maarten’s
    New Oceanfront Community !

Indigo Green is the first planned oceanfront gated community intended to provide state-of-the-art modern villas and condos incorporating the latest designs for a better lifestyle. 

Located on the Dutch side of Sint-Maarten, it is nestled on a breezy slope so close to the ocean that you can actually hear the waves.



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Isn't it time you get your own place ?

  • Private Oceanfront Villas

Our private Villa section is comprised of 19 independent villas (with 12 already sold), clustered around a community infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

There are three main layouts: Flamboyant, Bougainvillea and Hibiscus, with many differences between them.

You should see for yourself?

  • Stunning Vacation Condos !

Our Vacation Condominiums offer 2 master bedrooms (both being the same size and enjoying their own ensuite bathroom) in an expansive 1,200 sq. ft. of pure interior comfort, with another spectacular 300+ sq. ft. of private outdoor oceanfront terrace.

The owners will benefit from 3 community pools, as well as a fitness center where you can keep up with your workout!

  • Eco-Friendly
    HIGH Performance Homes

Indigo Green stands apart by offering a multitude of eco-friendly and sustainable energy saving amenities rarely found in Sint Maarten, from fully insulated homes to solar carports.

Built to last, our villas and condos provide owners with the latest technologies.

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Toll-free from USA & Canada

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For the most recent progress photos and information on Indigo Green, visit our Facebook page by clicking here.

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