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Live Where The Tradewinds Go

The Green Commitment


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Live Where the Tradewinds Flow

The development of Indigo Green is the culmination of years of research and analysis into new housing technologies suitable for Sint Maarten’s particular conditions, patiently waiting for the right market timing and an exhaustive search for the right location and environment. All this in order to finally execute our vision of building sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient homes that will be enjoyed by our residents for decades to come.

Sint Maarten, and in particular Indigo Bay, presented that proper community in which we could put our decades of experience together to deliver on this vision. Indigo Green strives to become a leading example of a community of well-built oceanfront homes that will benefit from the latest technologies, construction methods and state-of-the-art products to deliver comfortable, safe and cool homes that, hopefully, will reach the ultimate zero-energy footprint that our planet so dearly needs.

Indigo Green stands apart by offering a multitude of eco-friendly and sustainable energy saving amenities rarely found in Sint Maarten, such as:
Minimum building footprint for maximum preservation of green nature areas
Eco-friendly wastewater treatment plant
Rainwater collection cisterns
Low-consumption dual-flush toilets
Solar street lighting
Thermally insulated construction
UV-reflecting exterior paint
Heat reflecting roof surface
Augmented security through design and landscaping
Solar electrical systems – standard on many residences
Cross-ventilation design – without compromising security
Vented jalousie-type security windows
Shade-providing hurricane-resistant Bahamas shutters
Low-energy localized air conditioning systems
Energy-efficient appliances
LED energy saving lighting
Energy-saving in-line hot water boilers
"Green" is also the color of the $$$ you will save!

Not only will the measures taken to make Indigo Green’s villas and condominiums energy efficient bring you savings on your utilities bills, but you will also save on taxes.

Avoid having to pay property tax or capital gains tax. In fact, Sint Maarten (the Dutch Side) doesn’t have such taxes, nor does it have import duties or sales taxes, which greatly improves the financial merits of real estate investments.

Furthermore, owners at Indigo Green can also rent their villa or condo when not using it, bringing them income from their vacation property. Indigo Green has been planned with a multitude of features to make generating income simpler, more convenient and more rewarding.

These are fut a few great reasons “WHY” Indigo Green is a an investment “Like Nowhere Else!
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Onsite Sales Office

Green Way Drive, Indigo Bay, Sint Maarten
Enter Indigo Bay, turn right at the lower roundabout and proceed to Indigo Green

Phone: +1 (721) 543-7999
Direct line from the USA: +1 (701) 599-7999