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Video scenes shot in February, 2017

Villa Infrastructure

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Villa Community Pool – The 1st of 3
March 17, 2018

Green Way Drive under construction

Indigo Green Phase 1 With Eclipse

Green Way Drive under construction

Indigo Green Green Way Drive

Indigo Green Solar Carports

Indigo Green Villa entrance

Vacation Condo Buildings

Buildings 1 through 4
Aerial View of Indigo Green Condos

Condo area overview February, 2018.

Indigo Green Condos Buildings 3 and 4

Building 1 through 4 in progress in March, 2018.

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Building 3 and 4 under construction in February, 2018.

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Building 3 under construction in February, 2018.

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The view from the terrace of Unit 1E

Condo Building 1

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The view is that of Unit 1A. Units 2A and 2B will rise above.

Indigo Bay Improvements

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Paving of Indigo Bay Boulevard as of March 16, 2018.

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Relocation and paving of the entrance of Indigo Bay
in prevision on the new security post and revised entrance to Skyline Drive
as of March 17, 2018.

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Onsite Sales Office & Furnished Model

Green Way Drive, Indigo Bay, Sint Maarten
Enter Indigo Bay, turn right at the lower roundabout and proceed to Indigo Green

Phone: +1 (721) 543-7999
Toll Free US/Canada: +1 (855) 545-7999

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Please Note – All illustrations and renderings shown on this website are visual interpretations made by an artist and as such, what is shown may vary in different ways from what is finally constructed.

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