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Who is developing Indigo Green?
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Live Where the Tradewinds Flow

The Developer


Indigo Green is being developed by Indigo Green Development B.V. and its construction is being executed by GreenBuild N.V., both of which are distinct Sint Maarten affiliates of Groupe Lepine International.

In turn, Groupe Lepine International Inc. of Montreal, Canada is the international affiliate of Groupe Lépine, one of Eastern Canada’s premier development groups with a track record of having built some 5,000 dwellings since 1951.
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The Groupe is known as Montreal’s leading luxury residential developer and its track record is highlighted by some of Canada’s most breathtaking residential projects such as the 1976 twin-pyramid Olympic Village and the trend-setting 1,000-unit Sanctuaire du Mont Royal.


Starting in the USA in 1978, Groupe Lépine International's team has developed a portfolio of signature residential and commercial projects from North America to Russia that has been the foundation of its international reputation as quality and design driven developers.

Closer to Sint Maarten, the Groupe has also completed dozens of residential communities in South Florida since 1978 from Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach.

Over those 35 years, construction codes – and the Groupe’s experience – have evolved tremendously as a number of events have driven technologies, materials and installation practices to provide improved safety and energy efficiency specifically geared towards the unique conditions that need to be addressed throughout the Caribbean basin.


Having close ties to Sint Maarten since the mid-1980's, Groupe Lépine International's principals have been traveling to Sint Maarten multiple times a year for decades and are therefore very familiar with its community, its environment and its needs.

Cumulatively, its team brings over 115 years of combined development experience, as well as its established real estate development reputation for successfully completing such high quality communities.

Groupe Lépine International’s portfolio of global development in several countries has brought much perspective in being able to seek, identify, comprehend and enthusiastically embrace unique signature development opportunities globally.

The acquisition and development of Indigo Green's majestic Sint Maarten oceanfront site is precisely such a rare opportunity that Groupe Lépine International seeks for all its signature developments.

The Professional Team

Wisdom recognizes that better planning brings better results. Yet few residential developments in Sint Maarten have ever brought such a level of high-caliber internationally experienced professionals together with the best "boots on the ground" local veterans.
Indigo Green is proud to present the team that has been assembled to assure that it's homes are the best that can built in Sint Maarten.
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Founded in 1971, NEUF architect(e)s – formerly DCYSA – is one of the most important architecture and design firms in Canada serving private enterprise with over 100 employees in Montreal and Ottawa and more than 40 years of experience.

NEUF is active in all sectors – strategic planning, urban design, resorts and hotels, residential, commercial, industrial, and office buildings. NEUF architect(e)s exports its services around the world, currently working in China, South America, the United States, Europe and the Middle-East.
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Established in 2005, Another Ard Production provides diversified architecture, master planning, interior design, project management and engineering services to Sint Maarten and the surrounding region.

Another Ard Production has built a reputation for problem solving by recognizing that the design approach to each project requires an unique individualized understanding of the goals and objectives of each client's needs, and the local conditions at hand.
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Dupras Ledoux is a team of consulting engineers specializing in mechanical and electrical construction. Founded in 1958 and headquartered in Montreal, our firm is recognized for its creativity, the quality of its services and its ability to remain at the avant-garde of new technologies. Initially specialized in mechanical and electrical construction, the firm now offers a complete range of electromechanical services, telecommunications, lighting, security, green building design, 3D modeling, etc.

Renowned for its creativity and dynamism, Dupras Ledoux is a modern and innovative firm that strives to meet its customers' expectations as well as budgetary constraints and deadlines of the projects it is involved in.
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Since 1982, Independent Consulting Engineers has been one of the leading consulting firms in Sint Maarten, providing services in the fields of structural and civil engineering, project management and supervision, environmental engineering, material testing, subsoil investigation and special foundation engineering and real estate appraisals.

Sint Maarten being located in both a hurricane and an earthquake prone area, ICE has acquired an in-depth knowledge of design and construction requirements in such areas.
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Established in 1991, Landmark Geodetics is an engineering company specializing in land surveying, digital mapping, hydrography and consultancy with registered offices based on Curaçao and Sint Maarten. The company is a successor of Wing Surveys N.V., which has experience from 1988 operating on St. Maarten.

The key strength of the company lies in the skill of executing large and small scale survey jobs both on land and on water. Large projects have been executed in other countries, mostly for extensive land survey projects, on the Windward Islands, Bolivia, Curaçao, Greneda, San Salvador, Surinam, The Netherlands, and more.
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Onsite Sales Office

Green Way Drive, Indigo Bay, Sint Maarten
Enter Indigo Bay, turn right at the lower roundabout and proceed to Indigo Green

Phone: +1 (721) 543-7999
Direct line from the USA: +1 (701) 599-7999